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Greek Orthodox names that start with the letter X

XANTHIPOS (Xanthipos, Xanthippos)23September  
XANTHIPPI (Xanthippe, Xanthippi) www.xanthippi.gr23Septemberclick for the saint's iconclick for the saint's icon and bio (at the moment only in Greek)
XANTHOS (Xanthos, Xanhtoulis, Xanthoula, Xanthi)9March  
XENARHOS (Xenarhos)0not known  
XENI (Xenis, Xeni, Xenia)24January  
XENIDIS (Xenidis)0not known  
XENODAMOS (Xenodamos)0not known  
XENODIKI (Xenodiki)0not known  
XENOFANIS (Xenofanis)0not known  
XENOFILOS (Xenofilos)0not known  
XENOFON (1) (Xenofontas, Xenia)26January  
XENOFON (2) (Xenofontas, Xenia)10April  
XENOKLEIA (Xenokleia)0not known  
XENOKLIS (Xenoklis)0not known  
XENOKRATIS (Xenokratis)0not known  
XENOKRITOS (Xenokritos)0not known  
XENON (Xenon)0not known  
XOUTHOS (Xouthos)0not known  
XYNOFRON (Xynofron)0not known  

total 19

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